Dick and Joy WIlliams
Sunshine House
11001 Brandy Oaks Way, Chesterfield, VA 23832
Dick and Joy WIlliams
Sunshine House
Location 11001 Brandy Oaks Way, Chesterfield, VA 23832 Phone Number 804-739-9400 Email
The life that we now live hasn’t always been as luxurious as the one we enjoy today. Until 1981, the year we joined Nature’s Sunshine, both of us were working at extremely high pressure jobs – Dick in the field of sales, both as salesman and then director of sales for a cemetery company. If he didn’t make a sale each day or the monthly quota wasn’t met, he didn’t get paid. Joy was a registered nurse who headed the open heart surgery department at a major hospital, sometimes working 18-24 hours a day when emergencies occurred.

Our interaction with people now is from a totally different perspective. We help others improve their life through herbs, other nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes. Dick often says, “You can’t have good health on your own terms.”

Dick is a certified clinical herbalist, a certified Iridologist who studied under Dr. Bernard Jensen, a founding member of the American College of Iridology, and a board member of the International Iridology Practitioners Association, as well as a trained kinesiologist.

Joy enjoys working behind the scenes, doing research work. She feels that she has the best of both worlds – using her knowledge as a nurse and her knowledge as an herbalist to know when is the time for herbs and when is the time for seeking allopathic treatment.

We have always sought ways to improve our health and longevity. When approached by an NSP manager about joining Nature’s Sunshine, we knew our search had ended. Becoming a Manager in our first month was just the beginning. As National Managers and Chairman of the National Managers Group we have watched our business grow by investing our time and commitment into helping others achieve better health and financial freedom. If you want good health and you want financial freedom, you must follow the rules.

If you would like to become a part of our success team, where you cannot be fired, please contact us (below) for an opportunity to create an income in excess of six figures annually, as we have done. We are specialists in helping others earn excellent income from home, requiring no cash outlay, simply by following the success model we created during the past thirty-two years. Come join us!

To your good health and success. Dick & Joy

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